Best hosting for WordPress Blogging Website

Best hosting for WordPress Blogging Website


Can a hosting platform really decide a blog’s fate?  Yes!



Are you so serious about blogging that you want to monetize it?  If you are then you are going to read a treasure of information that will allow you to accomplish this!


The magic behind a great blog that generates handsome revenue lies in its hosting platform.  While many such platforms exist, the main ones are:

  • Blue Host – this one offers the most value for your money

BlueHost Hosting Plan

  • Site Ground
  • InMotion Hosting
  • Kinsta – this one is necessary for blogs getting a lot of daily visitors and clicks because it offers free daily backup, SSL, and WordPress updates.


After you read the post, you will know which hosting platform is best for your blog!  The best advice for blog hosting platforms comes from blogging veterans, many of whom have used more than 12 WordPress shared hosting services, two managed web hosting services, and one unmanaged VPS browser in their many years of blogging!


Because of the nature of their work, many professional bloggers choose to use several hosting platforms for their many blogs instead of just one because this strategy allows them and their clients to keep abreast of the latest trends and changes in blogging platforms.


When most people think of web hosting services, they think of GoDaddy and Fat Cow.  However many bloggers have reported terrible experiences with these more popular services.  Instead, they choose to go with budget shared services like Blue Host and Host Gator because these platforms are easier to use and deliver much better results.

Wordpress Hosting


Because a blogging platform can mean the difference between financial failure and success, it is crucial to choose the best one for your blog!  This process can be cumbersome though! Also since most novice bloggers operate on a shoestring budget, they must choose the platform that will give them the most value for their money!


This article will focus on WordPress hosting platforms since most bloggers use WordPress largely because it is free and easy to use.  Obviously, your budget will dictate which blogging platform you can use.


If your blog gets fewer than 20,000 visitors a day, shared hosting services is your best choice.  If you are not already so, you must familiarize yourself with the different WP hosting platforms because each one has different functions for different blogs!  Remember that WordPress is free because it the blogger is responsible for all maintenance and update work. This means it requires powerful servers and a powerful WordPress caching mechanism to operate optimally since it is very content rich.  You should install the W3 total cache or Super cache plugin for this reason. These caches are operational immediately after being installed.


How do you select the best WordPress hosting options?

The answer to this question depends on the types of security, software, Cpanel, WordPress optimization, MySQL, PHP, etc…your blog uses.  You will need to have the right software and other factors/components in place before you can efficiently run WordPress software on a hosting platform.


You will need a hosting platform with strong technical support because WordPress uses up so much memory because it is so content rich.  It requires a database and PHP for this reason. In fact, if you don’t choose a hosting platform with good technical support, your blog will fail because visitors will be turned away once they see and experience many errors such as the “500 internal error,” or websites with no landing pages or posts.  


You need to choose a hosting platform offering the best options for your blog as well.  You will need a different hosting platform if your blog gets moderate daily traffic versus heavy daily traffic.  You will need a strong hosting platform with many options if your browser has low bandwidth, and it can not handle frequent and heavy traffic spikes.


Because server geographic location determines speed and latency, you will need to keep this in mind when choosing a hosting platform because this can positively or negatively affect blog load time.  You will need to configure CDN on your blog if you want to create a blog that will give visitors a great viewing experience.

What is the best hosting option for your blog?

The answer depends on what your blog is about.  While hundreds of blogging platforms abound, most bloggers only use a handful because they are so easy to use and offer the most value for their money.  All of the hosting options mentioned below are affordable – costing $8 month or less to operate, and many come with hosting discount coupons which knock as much as 40% off their price.

Blue Host

BlueHost Hosting Plan



Blue Host : the most popular blogging platform because it offers the greatest return on investment.  It is used for shared hosting. Blue Host is most commonly used because it is promoted by WP’s home page, which even offers discounts for the platform.


Blue Host only costs $3.95 a month for the first year.  While it is not the least expensive blogging platform, it’s discounted the first-year price makes it very popular.  It comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage which is crucial for first-time bloggers with limited funds. Bloggers like Blue Host because they can run multiple blogs off of it.


Because the WP site promotes it, Blue Host is designed to support WP blogs, and only takes 4-5 minutes to install, after which it is fully operational.  Blue Host is user-friendly in that it comes with an operational guide. The platform also provides a free domain name, saving first-time bloggers money.










SiteGroung : This platform is very popular because it comes with a built-in caching technology called Supercache allowing for fast upload of WP blog pages.  Supercacher is very fast and efficient because is an advanced caching solution which uses the Varnish accelerator to operate. This means that blog pages using this hosting platform open fast and efficiently, and can handle multiple blog sites at once.


Siteground offers a 50% discount off of one domain name for life.  It is suggested that you take advantage of their Growbig package for discounts on two and three-year plans if you are serious about making money while blogging.

InMotion Hosting




Inmotion : This American company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  It was founded during the dot-com bust in 2001. Their American background means that they have the know-how to offer superior support.  They also offer many support options as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage.


You can get a free domain name and can park your blog site for free on their server.  These features make them very attractive for first time bloggers.


Kinsta – managed WordPress hosting





Kinsta : the platform of choice for blogs with heavy traffic because it has high capacity and bandwidth.  It costs $100 a month, so it is more expensive, but it comes with the ability to handle unlimited traffic.  What’s more is that bloggers can park their blogs for free on its server. Because it uses HVN and NGiX, it comes with the best quality hosting.


I have discussed some of the best Blogging platforms that the best bloggers in the industry use.  Now that you know the basics of the platforms, you can decide which is best for your blog! Of course researching the blog platforms further to understand more about their true potential wouldn’t hurt!

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