Top Affiliate Programs India

Top Affiliate Programs In India

Top affiliate program bloggers must join



Just as you can make money blogging, you can make money with affiliate programs.  Marketers have capitalized on this phenomenon by creating a multitude of affiliate programs worldwide.  Some noted examples are Click Bank, Commission Junction, and Impact Radius.  However, these are international programs designed for Western audiences, which do not take the sense and sensibilities of the Indian consumer into mind.


You will need to use an Indian affiliate program if you want to market to people in India because:

  • Of Brand Affinity, or the fact that people tend to buy brands that they trust.  The Indian consumer will buy from Flipkart instead of because of his or her familiarity with the former.
  • Shipping Issues.  Because of the cost, it is not practical for international vendors to ship to India.  If this is the case, then it is not practical for Indians to visit certain websites
  • Indian affiliate networks.  These have advertisers who know and understand the Indian market and are dedicated to serving only this niche market.


You have to be careful when choosing a marketing affiliate program in India because not all are professional or honest, however since it is an emerging field in India, the time is ripe for new players.  Some of the best affiliate marketing programs are mentioned below:


Amazon India

  1. They are the Indian E-commerce leader.  They offer high commission rates and have high website conversion rates and Average Order Value.  It is no wonder all good and not-so-good affiliate marketers want to work with them.  You can sign up as a marketing affiliate with an account
  2. Once you sign up, you can use the SiteStripe toolbar to create an affiliate link on any page in the site.  You can even share the link on various social media sites (Twitter and Facebook)
  3. You can promote your blog through Amazon via multiple banners which are mobile and desktop optimized.  You enhance click-throughs by generating product links with images and embedding code within them
  4. You will get a commission for all other Amazon products the viewer buys after clicking your link.
  5. Your commission scale can range from .3% to 12% depending on the products or services you are marketing


flipkart affiliate program

  • . Everyone in India knows who they are, and what they do.  Therefore, they trust this company tremendously. It has millions of products and high conversion rates.  The commission scale varies on the products being purchased.  The commission also varies if the user buys a product on his or her mobile device versus his or her laptop.  New users have a different commission structure and rate than established ones.  You can earn commission for every product and device the user buys on, and even for mobile app installs.



vcommission affiliate program

  • . This program has 17,500 affiliates signed up with it
  1. Because it caters to many marketing objectives, you can make money through app installs, lead, or E-commerce sales generation.
  2. Its top clients include eBay, Myntra, SnapDeal, and HomeShop18.
  3. You can use coupons through this program on its website
  4. You can link this program to your products using the deep link generator


bigrock affiliate program

  • . This is the number one domain name provider and hosting service in India
  1. Their affiliate program offers high commission payouts
  2. BigRock allows you to sell a deep portfolio of products, each paying deep commissions
  3. You can make handsome money selling:  Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, DIY Website Building Tool, and Digital Certificates.
  4. This is a great program for tech bloggers to use


godaddy affiliate program

  • . They are the world’s leading domain registration system, and they have an India specific affiliate program.
  1. You can sign up as an affiliate through Zanox or Commission Junction.
  2. They offer a commission scale of up to 100%!  They also offer a wide range of products to sell and commission plans.
  3. They have a complete set of tools needed to build a website and launch an online business
  4. They offer high commissions on domains, hosting plans, email accounts, and reseller plans.
  5. GoDaddy comes with 24/7 customer support which is capable of resolving even the most challenging issues
  6. GoDaddy has hundreds of click-through banners which can be replicated by copying and pasting the code.

HostGator Affiliate India

hostgator affiliate program

  • . They are an established and well-respected hosting service in India.
  1. They pay out 1250 INR per sale – this is the floor commission rate, and increases as you sell more
  2. HostGator has a good name and people are willing to buy from them because of this.
  3. You sign up and use their banners on your blog to reap great monetary awards.


trip adviser affiliate program

  • . They are ideal for those blogging about travel.
  1. Their commissions are as high as 50%, and they offer special incentive programs for affiliate marketers to make even more money.
  2. If you have a high conversion rate, you can have deep links with over 50,000 hotel and city pages, for example.
  3. You get started by putting their banners and widgets on your blog pages
  4. You sign up with TripAdvisor or Commission Junction to join the program


optimise affiliate program

  • . They are a global affiliate network with a strong presence in India.
  1. They have a lot of products and services in retail, travel, automotive, Telecom, and finance.
  2. Some of their customers are Paytm, CitiBank, and Jabong
  3. They have 1,400 advertisers in 30 nations


  • They are ideal if you want to make money off your content as well.
  • You can do this by installing their JavaScript code with affiliate links


Now that you know how to make money through affiliate programs, and you know which are the best to use, you have to decide if this is for you

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